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Are you tired of dealing with a wet basement or crawl space? ACW Service Inc. can help you keep your home dry and protected with our sump pump installation. As a trusted plumbing company serving Waldorf, MD since 1993, we understand the importance of protecting your home from water damage. Our team of certified and trained plumbers can help you choose the right sump pump for your home, ensuring that it is installed correctly and functions efficiently.

Why Sump Pumps are Needed in Waldorf

Waldorf is located in an area that is prone to heavy rainfall and flooding. This can cause water to accumulate in basements and crawl spaces, leading to water damage, mold growth, and other problems. Additionally, the high water table in the area can cause water to seep into homes through the foundation. Because of these conditions, a sump pump is an essential component of a home’s plumbing system here.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a device that is installed in your basement or crawl space to remove excess water that accumulates in a sump basin. It is designed to prevent water from entering your home and causing water damage.

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    Upgrade Your Sump Pump System with Moen's Smart Monitoring Technology for Unbeatable Protection

    If you have ever experienced sump pump issues in your home you know what a nightmare it can be. We always suggest adding a backup system run on a marine battery for added protection. Moen has now created a smart sump pump monitoring system for even more added protection. This Wi-Fi device sends an alert to your phone via email/text with its 24/7 monitoring capabilities when there is a potential issue with your system. It also has a 6 foot remote leak sensing disk to alert you of moisture in and around your pump. Other features include freeze alerts, humidity monitoring, power outage alerts, and serves as a back up to the back up! It also can be paired with Amazon Alexa or Google assist.

    Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumbing Company for Sump Pump Installation

    Hiring a professional plumbing company for sump pump installation has several benefits. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure that your sump pump is installed properly, and we offer warranties and guarantees for our services. Additionally, we can provide regular maintenance and repair services to ensure that your sump pump functions properly.

    Why is a Sump Pump Important?

    Without a sump pump, your home may be vulnerable to water damage and flooding, particularly during heavy rainfall or periods of high groundwater. Water can seep into the basement, causing damage to your floors, walls, and possessions. If left unaddressed, this can lead to mold growth, structural damage, and other costly repairs. Additionally, excess water can weaken the foundation of your home, potentially leading to more serious structural issues down the line. In short, not having a sump pump can leave your home vulnerable to a range of water-related issues that can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful to address.

    Types of Sump Pumps Available in the Market

    There are two main types of sump pumps: pedestal and submersible. Pedestal sump pumps are installed above the sump basin and are less expensive, while submersible sump pumps are installed inside the sump basin and are more powerful and efficient.

    How to Determine if You Need a Sump Pump Installed

    If you have experienced water damage in your basement or crawl space or notice dampness or a musty odor, you may need a sump pump installed. Additionally, if you live in an area that is prone to flooding or heavy rainfall, a sump pump is highly recommended.

    How to Prepare for a Sump Pump Installation

    Before a sump pump installation, it is important to clear the area around the sump basin and ensure that there is proper drainage. Additionally, it is important to choose the right type of sump pump for your home and ensure that it is installed properly.

    The Sump Pump Installation Process

    At ACW Service Inc., we follow a systematic process to install sump pumps. Our trained and certified plumbers will assess your home’s needs, recommend the best sump pump for your home, and install it properly. We ensure that the installation process is hassle-free and efficient.

    How to Maintain and Troubleshoot a Sump Pump

    To ensure that your sump pump functions properly, it is important to perform regular maintenance, such as cleaning the sump basin and checking the discharge line for blockages. Additionally, if you notice any issues with your sump pump, such as strange noises or a malfunctioning motor, it is important to contact ACW Service Inc. for repairs.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Sump Pump Installation

    How long does a sump pump installation take?

    The length of time it takes to install a sump pump depends on several factors, such as the size of the sump basin and the type of sump pump being installed. However, most sump pump installations can be completed in a day.

    How much does a sump pump installation cost?

    The cost of a sump pump installation depends on several factors, such as the type of sump pump being installed and the complexity of the installation. At ACW Service Inc., we offer competitive pricing for our sump pump installation services.

    Do I need a permit for a sump pump installation?

    In most cases, a permit is not required for a sump pump installation. However, it is important to check with your local building department to determine if a permit is required in your area.

    Trust ACW Service Inc. for Your Sump Pump Installation Needs

    At ACW Service Inc., we have been providing quality plumbing services to our customers since 1993. We are a team of trained and certified plumbers who are dedicated to ensuring that your home stays dry and protected. Contact us today to schedule a sump pump installation or to learn more about our plumbing services.


    What Our Clients in Maryland are Saying

    I was experiencing a plumbing emergency and discovered ACW Service, Inc. from searching online. The timing was perfect because my call was answered immediately and Brian was two minutes from my house; he was able to stop by and provide an estimate within minutes of receiving the call. The work was completed in an extremely timely manner, which prevented further damage from occurring. If you’re looking for a plumbing company with great customer service and quality work, you won’t be disappointed with Brian or Zach!
    Eldean Penn
    Brian was a wonderful representative of the company. Upon reaching out to ACW, he made recommendations on what type of faucet we should get to replace our old one and where we could get it. He set us up for an appointment for Monday. While our particular sink situation didn't need immediate attention at first, it turned into a larger issue and necessitated a more immediate response. Brian was able to squeeze us in earlier than we had scheduled, which we greatly appreciated. He was prompt, professional, and installed our new faucet within the hour. We're even considering using them for a bathroom remodel in the future. Highly recommend working with this company if you're unsure on who to choose.
    Brian was amazing and came out late at night to help us diagnose our clogged septic line and returned first thing in the morning to snake the line for us and repaired some shotty plumbing work from a previous owner. Great work and very professional and punctual! Thanks Brian!
    Chris Glisson
    Amazing company! I called to have the toilet in my master bathroom replaced. ACW came out the next day and completed the job. Excellent customer service and the price was very competitive. We will definitely use them again for our plumbing needs.
    Wanda Jones
    Brian was responsive and very helpful in Guiding me on what kind of faucet to purchase. He arrived in time and did excellent work for a reasonable cost. I would definitely use him again for future plumbing needs.
    Shannon Kelley
    Very fast response to my inquiry. They were very thorough and professional with the assessment and repaired the problem same day. Would use them again and highly recommend their service.
    Vince Contreras
    ACW was fantastic to work with. They came out and gave me a quick and easy to comprehend assessment of what they believed was wrong and what the fix would be. Once I accepted the quote, the part was ordered (new water pressure valve) and installed with about 3 to 4 business days. They were extra careful to not cause major repair work to the drywall in my theater room which was where the valve was. I couldn't have been happier with the the change in water pressure in our home. Im extremely grateful for companies like ACW and would definitely recommend them for your home.
    Darrione Nall
    Very amazing service. Came out on time and got right to work. I provided my own Faucet and they installed with no issues and gave me great recommendations. The pricing was good as well !!!
    Zurab Salavatov
    Brian is "top shelf "! He was on time, informative, personable and professional. He diagnosed and corrected our issue before I had finished my morning bagel and juice. plumbers from now on. Thanks.
    Jeff Waynes

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    Serving Maryland for Three Result-Driven Decades

    ACW Service Inc. has been serving the Waldorf area since 1993. Our local, family-owned plumbing company is proud to provide our hardworking neighbors and community members with the quality solutions they deserve.

    In addition to Waldorf, we also serve communities throughout Charles and Prince George’s Counties:

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    ACW Service Inc. Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 149 customer reviews

    Excellent Service!

    Review of ACW Service Inc.

    Thanks to ACW I have water again and I can’t stop smiling! I called this morning and Brian was at my house before 10am. I have an old home with a small crawlspace and a copper pipe busted in an area that was inaccessible through the crawlspace. Brian, Zack and Ryan worked seamlessly together to locate and access the pipe. They devised an inconspicuous way to access the pipe through a hall closet floor, rather than ripping up wood flooring in the main area of my house. Just a couple of hours later, this extremely challenging job is finished, and I could not be happier with their job performance. All three young men were professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. Thank you ACW for your excellent plumbing services and staff.

    Fort WashingtonMD20744 38.77-76.9525

    ACW saved the day!

    Review of ACW Service Inc.

    Brian and his team at ACW were amazing. We were in the middle of selling our home and on closing day during final walk through, we had what looked like a leak on our basement ceiling under the kitchen. Of course you can imagine the stress of this happening on closing day! We contacted ACW and they worked with us and got out to the property. Brian was very patient with my hysterics (lol) We live out of state so I was trying to resolve this over the phone and he was extremely professional and calming each time I talked to him. He kept me updated during the process and we were able to get a resolution and close on our home. Definitely recommend ACW for their quick service, wonderful professionalism and over all experience.

    WaldorfMD20603 38.6225-76.9525

    Excellent Service

    Review of ACW Service Inc.

    Our serviceman was Zach: Excellent service; on time, explained everything and did great work. I will use this company again. Very satisfied with the price charged.

    WaldorfMD20601 38.65-76.95

    Excellent Service!

    Review of ACW Service Inc.

    ACW Service, Inc. has done work in our home many times over last twenty years. Recently, they completed a complicated drainage issue with our basement tub where they had to remove the tub and jack hammer the concrete to locate an obstruction. The crew treated our home like they lived here. You can expect honest, experienced advice with highly competitive pricing. Highly recommended without reservation.

    Chesapeake BeachMD20732 38.62-76.515

    Excellent Service

    Review of ACW Service Inc.

    WaldorfMD20603 38.6275-76.9425

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