Water Heater Repair & Replacement in Waldorf, MD

The water heater was a great invention. We take warm showers and baths, use warm water to wash our hands, and even cook food. However, water heaters are often prone to damage. Our team at ACW Service Inc. has decades of experience working with homeowners in the Waldorf, Maryland, area to help them with their water heater needs.

Water Heater Repair and Installation

When your hot water stops working, contact the experts at ACW Services Inc. Our plumbers are able to repair your water heater or install a new one if necessary. We can repair any model of gas or electric water heaters, as well as tankless water heaters.

If you need a new water heater or want to upgrade to a larger unit, our expert plumbers can install a new system. Having a reliable source of hot water is important for any household, and our technicians will guide you on the right unit for your building.

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    Common Reasons Water Heaters Stop Working

    As a homeowner, it’s important to understand why your water heater is malfunctioning. Understanding the common causes of malfunction can help you avoid unwanted and pricey repairs. Here are some reasons why your water heater isn’t working the way you need it to:

    No Power or Gas

    Sometimes the issue could be as simple as a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. It’s worth noting that some electric water heaters feature a circuit-style safety switch located near or on the thermostat, which may be the cause of the problem. Another possible explanation is an unplugged or defective power cord for electric water heaters. As for gas water heaters, it could be as straightforward as running out of gas.

    The Pilot Light Went Out

    The thermocouple or thermopile plays a critical role in ensuring that the pilot light stays lit. By keeping the thermocouple or thermopile hot, a small electrical current is generated that keeps the gas valve open, allowing gas to flow to the burners.
    While the thermocouple or thermopile can occasionally fail and cause the pilot light to go out, there are other factors that can also lead to this issue. Sometimes, a simple draft or temporary gas disruption can extinguish the pilot, and in other cases, a faulty gas valve may need to be replaced. Additionally, exposure to excessive moisture can cause the gas valve to corrode, making it especially important to take precautions if your heater is located in a damp or flood-prone area.

    Broken Thermostat

    While thermostats tend to be more reliable than heating elements, it’s still important to test them if you’re experiencing problems with your water heater. If a single-element water heater’s thermostat malfunctions, you won’t have any hot water at all. Two-element water heaters, on the other hand, may have a thermostat for each element, with the upper thermostat serving the dual purpose of controlling the top element and rerouting power to the lower element once the water at the top reaches the desired temperature. If the lower thermostat fails, you may still get a limited amount of hot water, but if the upper thermostat gives out, you’ll be left with no hot water at all.

    Signs You Need Your Water Heater Repaired

    Over time, water heaters wear out from general use and need to be fixed. Of course, no hot water could be a sign that your water heater has gone out. However, there are other signs that you could need repair work.

    Strange sounds – If your water heater is making strange popping, banging, or rumbling sounds, it could be a warning sign that the unit is damaged. This is often caused by sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank, which can cause the unit to overheat and ultimately malfunction.
    The water isn’t warm – A decrease in water temperature or inconsistent heating could be a sign that your water heater is starting to fail.
    Low water pressure – If you’re experiencing normal water pressure from your cold water faucets but low pressure from your hot water faucets, sediment buildup in your water heater may be to blame
    Discolored water – If your hot water appears yellow, discolored, or rusty, this could mean that the anode rod in your water heater tank is beginning to fail. The anode rod is responsible for protecting the tank from corrosion, so if it fails, rust and other damage could be on the horizon.

    Understanding the warning signs of water heater damage can help you get the maintenance your system needs before it’s too late. If you notice any of the problems above, give us a call.

    When Do You Need To Replace Your Water Heater?

    If you’re finding yourself in constant need of water heater repairs, it might be time to consider a replacement. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a full water heater replacement:

    Your unit is old

    Is your water heater reaching its golden years, clocking in at over 15 years old? Chances are it’s out of warranty and may be in need of a replacement. Investing in a new unit can save you from the inconvenience and expense of frequent repairs.

    Rust forming at the base of the tank

    This could be a result of a faulty anode rod that prevents tank rusting. With an old or worn-out anode rod, rust can develop due to sediment and minerals in your water, leading to potential tank leaks or bursts if ignored.

    Rust in the water supply

    If rust appears only when you use hot water, there’s likely rust inside the tank.

    Replacing your water heater is a big journey to embark on. Fortunately, our team at ACW Service Inc. is here to help you every step of the way. We will determine the best water heater for your home and install the new system for you.

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    If you are in need of plumbing services in the Waldorf, Maryland, area, our team at ACW Service Inc. is here to help. We offer a wide range of plumbing services, including water heater repair, maintenance, and installation. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

    Ion Polarization Scale Reduction System

    The Ion Polarization Scale Reduction System offered by ACW Service is a revolutionary solution designed to protect your home and water heater from scale and sediment build-up. With its advanced technology, this system helps maintain the efficiency and longevity of your water heater, providing you with reliable hot water for years to come.


    • 12-year warranty, offering peace of mind and long-term protection. 
    • Maintenance-free, saving you time and effort.
    • Eliminates up to 76% of scale and sediment  that can accumulate inside water heaters. 
    • Ensures optimal performance 
    • Extends the lifespan of your water heater.

    With the Ion Polarization Scale Reduction System, you can enjoy improved energy efficiency, reduced energy costs, and a lower risk of costly repairs or replacements. The system is designed to work seamlessly with your existing water heater, providing reliable protection without the need for extensive modifications or additional equipment.

    For expert installation and support, trust the Waldorf, MD plumbers at ACW Service. We have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a proper installation the first time, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a protected and efficient water heater in your home.

    Waldorf plumber, plumber Waldorf, water heater repair Waldorf, plumber Bethesda
    Waldorf plumber, plumber Waldorf, water heater repair Waldorf, plumber Bethesda

    Powered Anode Rod

    If you’re experiencing the unpleasant smell of rotten eggs or sulfur in your water, the culprit could be the type of metal anode rod in your water heater. Fortunately, ACW Service offers a solution to eliminate this issue and protect your water heater with r Powered Anode Rod.

    By replacing your existing anode rod with a titanium-based powered anode rod, you can effectively eliminate the rotten egg smell in your water. This advanced technology provides long-lasting performance and comes with an impressive 20-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind and long-term protection.

    The Powered Anode Rod not only addresses the odor problem but also helps protect your water heater from corrosion, scale, and sediment build-up. This can extend the life of your water heater and maintain its efficiency over time.

    Installation is a straightforward process, and it can be conveniently connected to an available power outlet. This means you can eliminate the sulfur smell and enjoy clean, odor-free water without the need for frequent anode rod replacements.

    For professional installation and expert advice, trust the Waldorf, MD plumbers at ACW Service. They have the expertise and knowledge to properly install the Powered Anode Rod, providing you with long-lasting protection and improved water quality. Say goodbye to the rotten egg smell and enjoy fresh, clean water in your home.

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    Serving Maryland for Three Result-Driven Decades

    ACW Service Inc. has been serving the Waldorf area since 1993. Our local, family-owned plumbing company is proud to provide our hardworking neighbors and community members with the quality solutions they deserve.

    In addition to Waldorf, we also serve communities throughout Charles and Prince George’s Counties:

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    Review of ACW Service Inc.

    Our serviceman was Zach: Excellent service; on time, explained everything and did great work. I will use this company again. Very satisfied with the price charged.

    WaldorfMD20601 38.65-76.95

    Excellent Service!

    Review of ACW Service Inc.

    ACW Service, Inc. has done work in our home many times over last twenty years. Recently, they completed a complicated drainage issue with our basement tub where they had to remove the tub and jack hammer the concrete to locate an obstruction. The crew treated our home like they lived here. You can expect honest, experienced advice with highly competitive pricing. Highly recommended without reservation.

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    Excellent Service

    Review of ACW Service Inc.

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    Excellent service!

    Review of ACW Service Inc.

    When I discovered that my utility room flooded due to a leaking hot water heater, I called ACW and they answered my call! It was 9:30 at night, freezing cold, with snow and ice on the roads. Brian arrived within an hour. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained the situation and provided options for me to consider. He did not try to sway me to purchase a new hot water heater, but I decided to replace mine because it was my 20+ years old. The cost was very reasonable. Brian worked quickly to stop the leaking without turning off the water to the house. He patiently answered all of my questions. He returned bright and early the next morning, and by lunchtime he had installed the new hot water heater. He made sure the water was running in the kitchen and bathrooms before leaving, and he was respectful of my home. ACW and Brian turned a stressful situation into a great experience with the excellent service they provided.

    BowieMD20720 38.95-76.7925

    Excellent service

    Review of ACW Service Inc.

    Very impressive service. Called with my problem and a service tech was in my home in under an hour. Very courteous and efficient. Highly recommend.

    White PlainsMD20695 38.5725-76.925

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